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About the Caterers

             I have owned and operated Cold Stone Creamery stores for several years and love watching our customers come in with smiles on their faces knowing that they can make their ice cream fantasies a reality!  We have the perfect combination; more than 16 different flavors of the best ice cream in the world, a variety of fruit, nuts, and candy, and a staff that is eager to mix your individual works of art.  Due to its' overwhelming popularity, we decided to bring the Cold Stone experience to you!  

              I have created a variety of packages and options to bring the ultimate ice cream experience to your next event. The options are endless, from mixing the ice cream creations before your eyes, to the ultimate sundae bar, customized individual ice cream cakes, and more.  We are certain that we will provide the sweetest ending to the perfect event.  My goal is to work with each client to customize, individualize and create the perfect ice cream experience for you and your guests.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dave T.

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